Greenbroook Elementary School

Word of the Day

Word of the Day

Word of the Day

Everyday (except Friday) we add a Word of the Day to our list of new words. The purpose of these words is to enhance student vocabulary. In fact, these words were pulled from an actual SAT list that I used in high school! Every night their homework is to use the word of that day in conversation with family members, coaches, etc. We have a quiz each 12 words. Students will make flash cards in class to help them study. Here is the current group of words we are working on: 

Set 1: #1- 12

  1. Optimistic- positive thinker, good attitude
  2. Inquisitive- asking many questions, curious
  3. Irrelevant- off the subject, inappropriate for the time
  4. Loquacious- fond of talking, very talkative
  5. Pandemonium- chaos, disorder
  6. Ominous- threatening, unsafe
  7. Prudent- wise, sensible
  8. Reconcile- to make up from a fight
  9. Elated- extremely happy
  10. Perilous- dangerous, unsafe
  11. Procrastinate- to put things off, to delay
  12. Contemplate- to think about, study

Set 2- #13- 24

13. habitual- having a habit, addicted to

14. exacerbate- to make a situation worse, to aggravate

15. loathe- to have a strong dislike for, to detest

16. simultaneously- at the same time

17. imperative- important, urgent

18. feasible- possible, capable of being done

19. apathetic- uninterested, not caring about anything

20. inevitable- bound to happen, unavoidable

21. nonchalant- casual, not worried, with a cool attitude

22. complacent- satisfied with doing the bare minimum

23. instigate- to start trouble, to agitate

24. perseverance- never giving up, working hard, not quitting

Set #3- WOD"S 25-36

25. ersatz- fake, counterfeit

26. sporadically- ever so often. once in a while

27. dilemma- a difficult choice, tough decision

28. jovial- joyful, merry

29. benevolent- kind, charitable

30. solemn- serious, formal

31. illuminate- to light up a room, to brighten, to understand

32. penchant- a strong liking or craving

33. timid- shy, frightened easily

34. tedious- boring, dull, time consuming

35. ornate- showy, heavily decorated, much adorned, fancy

36. disheveled- messy, disorganized

Set 4- #37-48

37. incognito- disguised, with a concealed identity

38. reiterate- to repeat

39. lucrative- profitable, money-making

40. flamboyant- overly decorated, too showy

41. melancholy- sad, gloomy, depressed

42. lethargic- sleepy, drowsy, lazy

43. scrutinize- to examine carefully, to look over carefully

44. domicile- home or house

45. entourage- a group of followers or body guards

46. ascertain- to find out, to figure out for sure

47. congregate- to gather together

48. vile- disgusting, gross

Set #5

49. ramifications- consequences or results of action

50. seldom- hardly ever, not often

51. stagnant- standing still, dormant, not moving

52. oblivious- unaware, forgetful

53. authentic- real, not ersatz

54. ludicrous- ridiculous, absurd

55. inundated- flooded, overwhelmed

56. arduous- difficult, requiring much physical effort

57. neutral- not favoring either side, in the middle

58. modify- to change for the better, to improve

59. obsolete- old fashioned, out of date

60. fluctuate- to change back and forth, to very irregularly

Set #6 #61- 72

61. biased- unfair, not neutral

62. retaliate- to get revenge, to get even, to fight back

63. adamant- stubborn, insistent

64. verbatim- word for word

65. loiter- to hang around for no reason, to waste time

66. infatuated- madly in love, having a huge crush

67. diverse- very different, not alike

68. appalling- causing horror, terrifying

69. ignorant- lacking knowledge in a certain area

70. ample- more than needed, extra

71. ambiguous- having more than one meaning, unclear

72. pugnacious- fond of fighting or aggressive

Set #7

73. speculate- (v.) guess; assume; contemplate

74. indubitable- (adj.) without a doubt

75. expedite- (v.) speed up; make faster

76. spontaneous- (adj.) done without planning; spur of the moment

77. tranquil- (adj.) peaceful; calm; quiet

78. allegedly- (adv.) supposedly; declare to be true; claim something happened

79. confiscate- (v.) to take away; take possession

80. irate- (adj.) extremely angry; furious

81. infallible- (adj.) flawless; perfect

82. copious- (adj.) plentiful; large amount

83. gregarious- (adj.) sociable; fond of the company of others

84. predicament- (n.) difficult situation